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“The vaccines are 100% safe and 99% effective”

~ Dr. Fraudci

Creepy Joe

“The vaccines are very effective, but 5 boosters are more effective than 4”

~ Creepy Joe

Justin Castreau

“If you drive a truck, you’re a racist”

~ Justin Castreau

Some Drunk Nancy

“We’re very busy people”

~ Some Drunk Nancy

Take back your Freedom!

Covid Passport Punks

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You’ve guessed it

Covid Passport Punks are controversial

Make a statement

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Use your passport punk as your profile picture, or post it on your page to show you believe everyone is equal and freedom is meant for everyone, regardless of gender, color, race, or medical status.

people in need

Many victims have lost everything!

Part of the proceeds will go to the good cause of helping others who have become unable to afford their bills due to the lockdowns and other Covid restrictions, such as the Covid passport. Minting Covid Passport Punks = doing good.

Minting = live

For your safety! (Obey)

The Art

Covid Pass Punks is an NFT art project by artist Bischno. In a satirical way, he brings to light the controversial topic of the Covid passport, one questionable product of the so-called “new normal.” It depicts a future in which punks from the crypto punk world suffer severe side effects and bodily mutations after having been coerced into injection with the controversial CV19 vaccines in the early 2020s.

The project compels one to think about the ramifications of forced medical procedures and experiments. What will the consequences of segregation be on the people, spiritually, emotionally, socially, philosophically? What will the effects be of the trauma on the children, the future adults? What are they learning about right and wrong from our actions and choices? Covid Passport Punks, the art project, invites us to consider: Are we the same people we were two years ago? Would we have approved of our current moral stance? What if the results of our choices of today come out very different than we had imagined? Will we be able to live with the people we have become?

The Story


July 2025

It’s the year 2025. Four years after the coerced vaccination program started. Billions queued up, not to lose their jobs and livelihood. Jabs were given. Restrictions were introduced. Rights were destroyed. The non-compliant fled the cities and towns. Then the reports began. Side-effects started showing. Billions died, and only a few survived. Punks became zombies. There was no medicine. Not even weekly booster shots could save them. Zombies then got “euthanized.” A few lucky ones escaped. They now live like outcasts, unable to take part in society. What were once rights, like buying groceries and riding public transport, are now considered privileges and are only for the lucky few. In 2026, so they promise, some zombies will be let back into the community. Their Covid Passports from 2022 once allowed them to partake in all societal rights. Now, those same passports will slowly allow zombies back into the civilized world.

“First, they promised 97% efficacy,” said one punk. “After that it was: ‘Well, at least it keeps you out of the hospital.’ Then they said: ‘Well, you’re in the hospital, but the symptoms are less severe, and you don’t die as easily.’ Then, when everyone was dying, they promised the booster shots would fix us. Eventually, we were taking weekly boosters. Some were taking daily tablets. Punks started mutating and growing body parts they didn’t have before.” 

~from The Diaries of Anne Punk.

Not many escaped the great extinction. Great names like Gill Bates, Anthony Faulty, Bo Jiden live no longer. The world only populates less than 10% of the population from 2020. Kanye, the current president has vowed to return the world back to sanity. His last speech spoke of how we must learn from the past and never forget. Free speech and the right to protest are at the top of the bill. Those fact-checkers from 2021 that are still alive are currently jailed, as well as many other co-conspirators. 5G Towers have been taken down by the resistance. Zack Muckerberg has been picked up by his alien race, and BaseFook is no longer on this earth. The main currencies in 2025 are Monero and XHV.

Here we remember the first 5004 punks that were made to live with the covid passports. All these have become relics as these punks live no longer in 2025. They are now part of a history that we must remember to never let this happen again. Lest we forget.

You can now mint the 5004 original passports of the first enslaved punks of 2021. 



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Rarity Sniper


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Set up fund to help victims of Covid vaccines, medical apartheid, and other Covid Tyranny


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Staking + ERC20 token $Vax


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Burning + swap for V2 Illuminati Reptilian Overlords



Collabs: Exclusives for wallets holding Covid Passport Punks, such as access to dapps and specials, NFTs, through collaborations



P2E game = Booster Junkies